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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 18, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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acela. take off. fox 5 news this is "good day early call". heather: breaking news conference. overnight police raided the mastermind of last weekend's attacks. the believe he might have been at this rate. luke gatti and right now two people dead tweet, this arrested. we will have more on this story. >> new videos, our first look at the country's airstrikes targeting isis. >> two aron price flats, there were threats from -- we will tell you what the resolution was of that. antwan: i am antwan lewis in for
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he will be back with you. juliet: he had his little baby, so cute, it is november 18th. antwan: 0 week away from thanksgiving. juliet: we keep saying time is flying 5. antwan: this year has been a blur, just gone. good morning. >> meteorologist: good to see you both, back in the saddle again. let's show you what is happening, take a peek at what happened yesterday. we made it 2-51 at central park, 3 degrees cooler than normal, 51 in islip, 50 in montauk, 46 in monticello, sunny but a little cool and that is what we are starting with this morning, cool temperatures again, not quite as cool as yesterday but closed, 47 is your temperature at central park, 34 in monticello, depends on where you are as far as
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little later at this point at 3 to 7 miles per hour from the east northeast and we will see winds dying down, clouds are building back into the tristate region, primarily low clouds in the area for now but a big cold front, a significant one with showers and storms from the great lakes to the deep south slowly but surely pressing towards the tristate region. it will be here but when? we are just going to increase cloud cover, temperatures to 56 for high and shower chances pick up in the overnight hours. during the morning commute the rain starts to push into the area, might be on the latter half of the morning commute, might get away with not having to deal with an umbrella, 64 tomorrow, rain wraps thursday, friday, we are done from that point forward. let's get you to ines rosales, a
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time to get up for some folks. >> meteorologist: ines: nassau county doing fine on the line no. state and southern state parkway, flipped over tractor-trailer causing problems on the choosers they -- new jersey turnpike, you have two lanes blocked as you approach 280 and northbound two lanes blocked as well, you have a bit of a slowdown so early-morning, no significant delays, trains doing fine, metro-north, long island rail road, new jersey transit has trains on or close to schedule. juliet: we are following breaking news out of paris. a lot of activity there. ines: police searching for the mastermind of friday's attack. antwan: liz dahlem monitoring the situation. >> reporter: good morning, these terror raid started at 4:30 in the morning french local time, police reviewing the apartment
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seven miles north of paris where the organizer of these attacks may have been saying. police have not confirmed if he is in custody but here's what we know, five people were arrested, three from inside the apartment, four and others nearby, the woman wearing a suicide best before they could move in. a woman wearing an explosive suicide vest blew herself up in a standoff between police in the paris suburb, she came close to the apartment police were targeting in a raid hoping to find 27-year-old hamidabu oud hamidaboud, the mastermind of the attack. the islamic militant is believed to be holed up in the apartment but police stormed the building, but multiple rounds of gunfire and explosions, several police officers, one suspects is it
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getaway car rather than two. john kerry in paris, to talk strategy. >> the level of cooperation, a limited exchange. i am convinced over the course, a great pressure. >> reporter: was believed he left for syria, he may have been there the whole time, 7 miles north of paris. it is a fluid situation. >> we will check back with you in a little bit. iraq says it is trying to stop isis, iraqi defence ministry
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iraqi forces bombing isis hideouts, it is conducting air strikes against isis. antwan: the brother of two but terror suspects is speaking out, urging his brothers to turn himself in. they had no idea his brother was planning the attacks, they live together in belgium and the only behavior change they know this is they stopped drinking alcohol and frequented the mosque. >> even if you saw the everyday their behavior was quite normal. when i think back and remember this trick to turkey, maybe it is why you went there, maybe he made contacts in turkey. >> the other brother was a suicide bomber who died after staging an attack outside a paris cafe. >> two flights from the u.s. to paris or given detour because of anonymous threats.
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light 65 from los angeles hostage also the goal was devoted to salt lake city last night while about the same time, in dollars in washington d.c. was diverted to halifax and canada, officials known no evidence of a threat. passengers in salt lake boarded their plane at 11:very, in halifax% hotels overnight. no word when they will be rescheduled. antwan: there is concern about taking annuities from syria. juliet: there is concern that terrorists could be among those allowed in the united states. teresa priolo has more on the debate. >> the day of america says close the gates, build the wall, i say take down the statue of liberty because you have gone to a different place. >> our first job is to protect people. >> reporter: different
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governors, that the different opinions on a migrant prices. in the wake of the terrorist attack suspicion that a fake syrian passport reviewed by one of the suspected terrorists 31 governors said publicly reviewed these fleeing war-torn cvs are not welcome in their state. chris christie sent a letter to president obama suggesting the administration vetting process is to blame. >> i don't trust this president, the state department, these folks. >> reporter: 75 refugees have entered new jersey. in new york that number is 60. the process is supposed to be a vigorous one that sees half of syrian applicants rejected a measure as a concern sit terrorists could use the crisis as cover to attack here. republican presidential hopeful donald trump raised concerned about the willingness to assimilate. you went so far as to suggest the we should shut down mosques. >> nobody wants to shut down religious institutions or
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are going to have no joyce. there is absolutely no choice. >> reporter: that comment is not sitting well with bill deblasio who said new york city will welcome the refugees. released a statement saying in part we will adhere to the words of our founding fathers, not donald trump. mosques don't commit acts of terrorism, people do lose the nypd will investigate the crime, not close down places of worship. teresa priolo, "good day new york". juliet: there are lots of developments overnight. a cool day with rain heading our way. when will it arrive? juliet: we will talk about the metal detectors from new york p now only ford offers $750t black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices on ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select ford vehicles,
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on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> meteorologist: let's get you started. we have another cool start to the day, 47 degrees, clouds around central park, no big deal, not producing ever rain, se 5 m.p.h. not whole lot of wind but a little bit out there. 25 degrees in albany, definitely freezing their, 34 in boston, 46 in billions port, depends on where you are, clouds trying to
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a little bit of sunshine, as the day goes on. it is pretty potent out there, a lot of rain from the northern plains, great lakes, to the gulf of mexico. it is moving fairly slowly but it will start to work its way, that will bring more cloud cover, shower chances don't look like much happening, a few sprinkles trying to put up. at 7:00 in the morning, part of the rain is not here yet. the latter half of the morning and afternoon you are dealing with showers, a rumble of thunder as the front crosses by.
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it is on the partly cloudy to a litmus sunny side. 1.9 inches below for the year. temperatures going to high of 26 degrees. who will stop this? and a google play store and free, let's go to ines rosales and see what she has. there are a few problems with the commute. ines: new jersey this morning. this is the 415 w. two lanes blocked southbound. stick to that eastern spur, westchester fine, but happens the bridge, look through way, let's take a look at a long
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parkway, traffic moving fine was bound, no problems towards queens boulevard, is that you are fine, crossing the hudson the george washington bridge, all the approaches look good, upper and lower level very quiet 495 for the lincoln tunnel you are fine, same for the holland. juliet: a call to remove metal detectors at 80 schools from new york city because the crime rate has dropped, hasn't been shot in the city school in 13 years. critics claim that detective the discriminatory because they're mostly in schools in minority neighborhoods but the machine got a reason no one has been shot because -- antwan: they do what they are supposed to do. juliet: let's talk about this with -- antwan: curtis sliwa is here.
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>> who said i am your buddy. un die our enemies, enemies. but i am an enemy of any jerk that would say take metal detectors out of public schools. there has been a shooting for 13 years. detector. no more tea as a checkpoint charlie situation because we haven't had an act of terrorism in the united states since 9/11. mind? >> are you hearing this when you and your guardian angels are -- >> let me tell you these young say? peace, peace, they want peace, coming in with brass knuckles, bang bang bang and we will see what happened to the metal detectors? antwan: i cannot see that
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>> i concede is in the land of bill deblasio where peace, love and happiness. antwan: i can't see that one. let's talk about brandon saying the council, new york city council is working not for cops, not supporting them. >> they want a past. if they decided to hang out in front of your town house or penthouse retreat and decide to irritate the flowers i should be able to do that without getting at arrested. these idiots, what happens if they do it in front of your house? i will call my police security squadron and they will sweep it out of fear these people are so hopelessly naive they come and instead of saying let's sit down with bratton and his staff and figure out these nuances, they are going to flex and right now when all of a sudden take a position, guy getting arrested,
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if you please explain at length of the very reason you have done stop and frisk on me without a question and i need my complete rights given to me. that is crazy. they would ordinarily given a wooden shampoo. juliet: i would see you on the news. with his little red jacket. i could see you in the 80s, and -- >> out in the clubs. juliet: it is david beckham. >> underwear boy? >> the man clearly -- this is the first time getting that. root of the loom man.
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>> he is the metro sexual, man! looking at himself in the mirror all the time. i you kidding? this guy is so play it out so came to america, he played football football kickball pig all and then married to a lady who basically has ham as her boy toy and -- crews put his nomination, hanging with tom cruise and the rest of them, charlie sheen, charlie sheen isn't up there as the sexiest man of the year. juliet: what would you bring that up? >> 1,842 conquests like wilt chamberlain. juliet: did you believe anything he said yesterday? >> of course not. she is to beat -- antwan: he was winning or whatever. good to see you. >> you like david beckham.
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you can snap on me. juliet: that is quite all right. you can see curtis on wabc. we have an update on the overnight rate in france.
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juliet: there has been some activity over night in paris this and anti-terrorist raid. this is in a paris suburb 30 minutes outside the city. police and local authorities believe they might at the man considered the mastermind of the paris bombing and other bombings and attacked over the last several months in paris. antwan: these are live pictures and one of the people killed was a woman who blew herself. another attackers told a. police say they targeted the suspected orchestrator is, we will stand on top of this. live pictures from paris. >> this woman came out of the
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building in which they believe the mastermind is hiding and she had the best and blew herself. >> we will check in with this. juliet: sports to bring you. duke: knicks fans loving of the rookie, deciding to watch the 7 ft. 3, 20 year play, charlotte in the first quarter point eight going in at the half, jeremy lin for delay in here and the hornets up by two. involved force, going to grab the offensive rebound and put it back and make it to the foul, a 20-year-old game so far, finished with career 29 bit points, 11 rebounds, 102-94.
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minute left, tying the game and time running out, the bash that broke lopez, going to there we go. the hawks win 90-88. the double standard, 3 day road trip, the quote game early, down 3-1 on the power play. past to jordan, right in front of the net. third year, minute left, devils can't score and they went 3-2 the final score. football alliance quickly replace victor cruz, he played for the giants in five seasons, rising star in 2010-11 and back-to-back 1,000 yards season
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in 2013. earlier this season there was a work out but didn't sign and the knicks are ready to go. took his team to the world series the first-time in 15 years but not enough to win the national league manager of the year came in third. top of the list for the third time the cubs manager joe madden, he won 101 game is more than any in 1945, but the team was swept by the mets in the n l t s. i thought he did a great job. baseball, david ortiz the greatest designated hitter of all time retiring after the 2016 season, will make the official not of the day and what will be his 40th birth day, first report
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the national anthem at last night's hawks game, and the mets. juliet: trust this. duke: trust this? he did. i am telling you. >> that is on youtube. antwan: is that a beard? juliet: the beard and the jacket. that is tough to do with a turtleneck. restricted like that. duke: played for the sea gulls on the u.s. be hell. i watched the game last night. i will show you what 3-pointer next hour.
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lysol that. one, two, three, four can i have a little more? five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now vo: everything for entertaining everyone.
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